Smart Home Integration

Complete control.

Manually or automatically adjust anything in your house – from climate to lighting to security. All from your smart phone or a single in-wall touch panel.

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Manage everything from your smart devices.

Control your house’s climate, your security system and even your lights – all from any smart device.

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Automate anything and everything.

Make your home work for you. Program your music to cue when you come in or your shades to adjust to the time of day.

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Save money with climate automation.

Program your home’s climate to adjust for when you’re not there, or set the window shades to react to the temperature outside. Plus, our system automatically compensates for unexpected activity – changing the temperature to keep costs down when doors or windows are left open accidentally.

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Eliminate the clutter of wall switches.

By controlling everything from your smart phone or in-wall touch panel, you can remove dozens of unnecessary control panels scattered throughout your home.