Home Entertainment

Entertain anywhere.

From the home theater you’ve always wanted to every-room audio systems controlled from your phone, OnDuty SC delivers custom audio and video at any scale you need.

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The home theater you’ve always wanted.

We handle every aspect of your new home theater – from specialized premium loungers to acoustic room treatments and everything in between.

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Beautifully designed to match your home.

From our full home theaters to our house-wide speakers, everything we do fits perfectly with the design of your home. No wires, no eyesores.

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Music on-demand, where you want it.

We deliver house-wide music through hidden speakers controlled from your smartphone or an in-wall touch panel. More control with less clutter.

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Bring the party outside.

Don’t miss the game while manning the grill. Bring your home theater outside with water-resistant screens and hidden speaker systems that can be installed anywhere.

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One remote for all your entertainment.

Never switch remotes again. Consolidate all of your video sources, from the Blue-Ray player to the cable box. Less clutter, less hassle.