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Residential, Commercial, big and small, we cover it all, and we do it professionally and within your budget. That’s why the leading builders, homeowners and commercial establishments in South Carolina come to us to design and install security, audio, video, lighting, shades, theaters and automation.

Command your home or office from your smartphone.

OnDuty is an award winning, western South Carolina custom electronics design, sales and installation firm specializing in premium systems. We do everything in-house with the highest level of care for our residential and commercial clients. We are members of numerous business and technology organizations that certify our company, team and work standards so we can deliver the highest levels of service excellence.

Peace of Mind

Wouldn't you like to see what the dog's doing in the kitchen, or get notified when your kids unlock the door?

We are a licensed security contractor trained in the latest smart technology. You can monitor your home from your smartphone, see inside, outside, and get notifications when someone is at the door, or there’s suspicious movements around your property.

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Climate Control

Our warm, sunny climate is great to enjoy, and even better when your smart home or office helps keep you comfortable.

Whether for privacy, energy efficiency, or light control, automated lighting and window coverings make it all possible, and very easy. For convenience and protection, our control systems provide sequined operation even when you are away.

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Music and Movies

Watch any movie or listen to any type of music around your home or office at the touch of a button right on your smartphone.

Imagine having your music follow you into the kitchen when you get a drink or having a real cinema experience in your family room, bedroom, or outside by the pool? Our music and movie systems are mostly or fully hidden away when not in use.

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Smart and Easy

Control your home or office from wherever you are! Want to be sure the lights are off and the locks secured? Easy.

All OnDuty SC systems are made to be simple to deploy and just as easy to operate. By keeping complexity in the background we let our customers benefit from the results. And we keep an eye on it, too, just in case.

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“OnDuty and their team did a great job upgrading our security system. I wanted a complete set of cameras and smart door locks. It works great and now I have access to who enters and leaves my home on my phone.”


“Our conference room is where we meet with clients and staffers for the most important meetings. Before, we never knew if the video and audio would work, or how to connect most laptops. Now, it’s intuitive. We get a lot more done and make a much better impression thanks to OnDuty SC.”


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