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We know how to create a dedicated home cinema that is thoughtfully and elegantly proportioned to your needs and is designed in harmonious balance, resulting in a fantastic optical and acoustical performance. State-of-the-art electronics featuring hidden loudspeakers, movie servers, dynamic surround sound and projection systems, are integrated and beautifully contoured to the space, engineered to perfection. Whether small and intimate or grandiose, our systems combine innovation, comfort and high-performance. Want to really enjoy your video games, how about on a 8-channel, digital home theater with 100″ screen? Now that’s entertainment.

In addition to great electronics and design, we go the extra mile with theater seating as well as room acoustic design. Acoustic treatment brings out the best in any room. Reflective surfaces such as ceilings, walls and glass should be considered for treatment to summon top performance. Even if you think you are not an audiophile you should consider room treatment in every theater.