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OnDuty SC provides Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg and the surrounding upstate area with professional home theater installation services. We are able to design and install both Commercial Video and Home Theater systems. We can advise you through all aspects of your home theater system, including room design, construction, acoustics, and system setup.  Whether you’re looking for a basic 5.1 surround sound or the full cinema experience, we can help you with advice and knowledge that will keep you smiling long after our installers have gone. Using the most reliable and quality home theater installation equipment available, we match the system with your needs to leave you satisfied.


Our home theater packages are not sub-standard kits like you can get at the big box stores. To find the right fit for your home or business, our trained professionals will take into consideration your needs and your budget. Throughout the Spartanburg, Greenville and Anderson area, OnDuty installs and configures projectors, screens, surround sound systems, source input cabinets, and pretty much anything else you may have a need to make your media room the theater of your dreams.



Home Theater Components:

Our equipment is high quality and state of the art, from projectors, screens, blu-ray players, source input cabinets and more. Moreover, if you require something that we do not offer in the kit, we have no problem ordering it for you and letting our friendly installers integrate it into your system. Want 3D programming? All of our projectors are 3D capable, so you can be one step ahead of the game!


5.1 Surround Sound is what we call a six-channel setup. You have a left and right channel for the front and rear speakers, a center channel, and a sub woofer for the low sounds. This is the most common setup for media rooms, living rooms, game rooms, or anywhere else you would want to be surrounded by your audio. We can install these speakers either in the walls or ceilings (depending on the application).



7.1 Surround Sound is the common name for an eight channel setup. We take the standard 5.1 model and add 2 speakers in-between the front and rear. This allows for more realistic ambient sounds and action scenes. Imagine riding shotgun in one of your favorite car chases! And, since most Blu-Ray players support 7.1 sound, it is quickly becoming the standard audio setup for movie lovers all over the world. This is the ultimate in theater quality sound.