Home Automation

 Your Life, Automated

OnDuty SC offers the life made easy solution for home automation. Today, home is where we learn, talk, listen, play, work and relax. That’s why our residential solutions do more than just add power and communications; they also bring entertainment, connectivity, and convenience into every room.

We can make your home a seamless, media hub that is interconnected so you can work and play wherever you choose. Our On-Q panels are specially equipped to handle your digital lifestyle, even allowing mobile phone connectivity!



Take Control of Your Home

Our systems Allow you to control lighting, temperature, and communication throughout your entire home. Monitor baby rooms from a light switch camera, viewable on smartphone, laptop or 7” LCD remote control. Eliminate having multiple remotes with a universal all-in-one remote and stop searching for those IR sensors on each source output and freely point the remote anywhere. OnDuty SC can provide the knowhow and direction you need for total comfort and reliability.



Total Home Audio

Distribution of audio throughout the home is one way to liven the mood when entertaining guests. Listen to music while grilling or by the pool, in the kitchen while cooking or doing dishes, or catch up on the news while getting ready for work. OnDuty SC installs and services all kinds of audio solutions, so drop us a line to see what we can do for you!