OnDuty SC: What makes us so different?

A lot of companies out there today, are all about business, then customer service. We believe if you start with a personal relationship with each customer, finding the system that fits that individuals needs, is a lot easier.

Pricing is another point that sets us apart from the other service providers. We offer a price match guarantee. You show us the quote from the other guys, and we will not only match it, we can beat it. You can spend your time researching for the best and the cheapest, but we can save that time with a guarantee and a quick phone call or email to get you started. A representative will quickly respond to you to ensure that you’re protected as fast as possible. A lot of companies also charge a high installation fee, on top of the monthly fees. At OnDuty SC, installation is either free or reasonably priced, because we want you to secure and protect the valuables that mean the world to you, and not invest it all in the system.

We back all of this up with the NO SECRETS agreement. We breakdown all the equipment cost, monitoring fee and warranty options, that way you know what you’re paying for. Your personal information is also secured and protected, and will never be shared.

We at OnDuty SC understand that choosing a security service provider can be a difficult decision, and want you to feel comfortable and secure in your decision. Our packages and rates are straight forward with no strings attached. We believe the service we provide helps to make this decision a little easier on you and your wallet.